Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda,

Sweet water’s 1 night : Sweetwater’s is the only sanctuary for rehabilitation in Kenya of these widely abused chimpanzees with two groups living in an environment as close to their natural habitat as possible. The site is also a dedicated black rhino breeding area.

Lake Naivasha for Boat Ride: The boat ride is provided by an experienced local boating guide and the boats range from 6 person to 20 person capacities though the most typical choice for added maneuverability are the 6 to 12 seater boats. Life jackets are provided. The usual timings for the one hour lake safari are 7am to 11am and 2 pm to 4pm. The lake is known for its diversity of bird species with close to 400 species having been spotted around the lake and surrounding areas including Fish Eagle, Maccoa Duck, Saddle-billed Stork, Goliath Heron, Cape Teal, Pied Avocet, Giant Kingfisher, Herons, Jacanas, Pelicans and Flamingoes ( the latter in relatively small numbers).

Mara 2 nights takes you to the heart of Masai Mara Game Reserve where you will explore the reserve for 2 nights. Masai Mara Game Reserve is home to abundant wildlife including the big
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